Bir Kişi İle Nasıl İlk İletişim Kurulur?

Bir toplantının sonucu hayatınızı değiştirebilir. Potansiyel bir yatırımcı, ortak, müşteri veya iş fırsatı olsun, doğru bağlantı kurulmayı bekliyor. Ancak, modern satış döneminde, genel listeler satın almak ve kitle e-postaları göndermek gibi eski taktiklere güvenmek artık işe yaramıyor. Satışın yeni çağında … Read More


How to Get in Touch With Anyone?

The outcome of a meeting can be life-changing. Whether it’s a potential investor, partner, client, or job opportunity, the right connection is waiting to be made. However, in the era of modern sales, relying on outdated tactics like buying generic … Read More


Best Approaches for Email Marketing

Email marketing has many advantages: you can communicate directly with your target audience, you can personalize it, and you can build long-term relationships with your customers. Nevertheless, this type of marketing is nuanced and requires a lot of planning and … Read More

Why is Email Marketing Important for E-Commerce Websites?

With the technology developing, especially with the internet becoming more and more popular every day, almost every industry in the world has evolved in some way to adapt to the new world of communication. Whether it be a local bookseller … Read More

email marketing

Best Practices For Enhancing Your Email Campaigns

Emails have a conversion rate three times higher than social media. So if you have been neglecting this conventional online marketing tool, be sure to get back on track soon. Although most smartphone users check their emails more than once … Read More


How To Use Growth-increasing Tools Effectively?

There are so many methods for getting leads in the entrance and raising conversion rates. You just need to know where to seek. You can make one small change to your ad copy, for example, and see instantaneous results. You … Read More


How to use Humor in your campaigns effectively?

Your emails reflect your brand’s character. While proper emails should be your utmost focus, you also need to find ways to appeal to the touching, human side of the reader such as implementing humor in your emails. Relying on how … Read More


How to Raise Open Rates by Using Email Preheaders

The first line of text that appears next to the subject line is the email preheaders. Especially on mobile devices, email preheader is more eminent than the subject line in most cases. Therefore, preheaders that are created with high care … Read More


Key Points for Choosing the Best Email Protocol

Email protocol in a nutshell There are significant email protocols that you should know before constructing email campaigns. These protocols are SMTP, POP, and IMAP protocol. If you are a business owner or a marketer, it’s absolutely useful to know … Read More

GDPR Opt-in form

How to create opt-in forms under the GDPR?

As the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has brought us many new requirements for email marketing, the most major confusion and most queries spun around one area – opt-in consent forms (also called sign-up forms). We’d like to resolve the … Read More

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